No cost website workshop

I’m the third member of the bloc contingent, travelling to Kenya for Maker Faire Africa (with Paul and Peter). Like Paul, this will be my first time in Africa. I’m an artist and a designer based in Wales, working across a variety of media, sometimes (but not always) involving technology.

My plan for Maker Faire has been to do one or more workshops on creating simple websites for free, so a bit of html (just to show how easy it is) then looking at free tools (mainly WordPress). The idea being to enable makers to market their wares/skills more widely. This is dependent on a Workshop type setting being possible at Maker Faire, whether the topic is appropriate for attendees, availability of internet access and so on. Otherwise I’ll need to come up with an alternative strategy, and would love to hear from people with local knowledge or MFA attendees whether the idea is appropriate and acheivable or not.

Other skills include bits of knowledge in Max/MSP and I’m just finishing a short, animated film which makes use of istopmotion.

There’s bits about my art practice at, older stuff on an Axis Open Frequency and design practice at, where most of the websites are built using a standalone WordPress installation.

I’ll keep track of progress as it develops.

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  2. After discussions with Henry and Linnet at MFA, the upshot is that I’m now going to be doing one-on-one sessions with makers at the Faire itself, so a bit of free advice/consultancy about touting your wares online, accessing markets which would be out of reach otherwise and generally making full use of the power of t’internet. I’ll be wearing two hats (not literally) as I’m also there to represent bloc, but it will be great to have a chance to put skills to some use.

    I’m sure this plan will be honed further once I arrive in Nairobi, next week. I’ll update again then.

    But if you’re going to MFA and want to market your wares online but don’t know how to, please look up the bloc stall.

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