Nairobi Solar Machine


My first post on DIY Kenya: I will be coming to Nairobi for the Maker Faire, sharing a table with Peter Hathaway and Stefhan Caddick.

It will be my first time in Africa, and I will try to get a feel for the local context and develop a quick response based on a solar powered Arduino device.
I am looking for local collaborator(s) to develop a project along the following lines:

Nairobi Solar Machine (working title)

I am a visual artist working with robotics and electronics, I make robots and other machines with recycled parts and micro-controllers.

I would like to make a machine specific to Nairobi. I will arrive in town a few days before the faire, and will bring a basic solar powered battery kit and electronics.

It would be great if one or more makers from Nairobi wanted to collaborate to the project, I am keen to share skills, ideas and knowledge.
Collaborator(s) profile: people with an interest in hand-made robotics and electronics (no need for previous knowledge, just curious is fine) if possible with a good knowledge of local resources.

My skills are: hand-made mechanical and electronics construction including recycled parts, programming Arduino micro-controllers* for mobile robots and other machines, making electric music instruments, performing with robots.

* Micro-controllers are self-contained programmable electronic units which can be used in many applications, with sensors and motors, lights, timing, communication….
Arduino is an open source micro-controller which is used by makers world-wide, relatively easy to program and interface. Check their website for more info:

For information about my work, please visit:

More info coming soon,


Nairobi Solar Machine

early sketch for Nairobi Solar Machine

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4 Responses to Nairobi Solar Machine

  1. stefhan caddick says:

    Hi Paul

    I know I’m not exactly a ‘local collaborator’ unless it’s local as in Wales, but I’d be very interested in helping out. I’m doing a project this year on micro generation and arduino, funded by Powys County Council and (soon to be) working with Trystan Lea and Suneil Tagore from Open Sustainable Technologies and Open Energy Monitor. We’ll be working with solar and micro turbines making small devices which can be left in the environment. Although my arduino and electronics skills are super basic at the moment.

    Hopefully there’ll be some cross over though!


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  4. hi,i am also want to create and machine which work one solar energy.for that i have required your help

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