Innovative minds: karibu Kwale, Kenya!

The great psalmist once said “lives of great men all remind us we can make our lives sublime and departing leaves behind us foot prints in the sands of time”. As the Kenia School of Homeopathy fraternity, we are intrigued by your brilliant and outstanding innovative ideas.We believe it is an auspicious start in the developing countries and much beneficial to small villages like Kwale with a high rate of illiteracy, zero job opportunities and little or no cash crop to sustain the locals.

We fumble to find appropriate words to express our feelings in the land who walk among us and who mean so much to so many. We are amazed by your idealism after perusing through your web Mr. Peter Hathaway, not forgetting Carolina Vasquez from Bloc and other collaborators who have given a nod and decided to incorporate us in this unique event. Whatever you do is not in vain, for you shall have many followers. This is going to be a turning point and you may not want to hear how much and many innovative ideas are lying unpatented all in the name of “poverty”.

With all this fresh round news clippings, we have been encouraged and with keen appreciation of brevity of your noble and enthusiastic innovative ideas! As we make our wish list, that very first Airplane made out of remains of coconut fruits and the engine run by coconut fuel, electronic shoes with wooden remote control so that next time you are in Kenya, we need not to pick you from the airport simply switch it on and phew! Ha ha ha ha haaaaaaaa this is just but to name a few.

Sincere gratitude goes to Bloc, British council-Wales, Butterfly works, Wales government and in person Dr. Noel Thomas for his relentless efforts and being a good ambassador for both parties. lastly the Director of Kenia School of Homeopathy Ms. Marie Magre for taking chances and accepting to be seduced and embrace this brilliant idea to unleash to the fullest potentiality of her students, to tap and uncap their talents at this Era of “THE DOT.COM GENERATION “.

“HE IS ON HIS WAY” Welcome to Kenya Welcome to Kwale “Peter Hathaway”!

Mary Nyanchiri – Principal Kenia School of Homeopathy

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One Response to Innovative minds: karibu Kwale, Kenya!

  1. diykenya says:

    Hello Mary and all the students in the Kwale Centre. We are very happy to be working on this project with you and looking forward to what you will invent with Peter! Thanks for posting and hope to see you soon.

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