Embassy visit

Just received the group photo from the visit to UWIC of Ms Mary Ngari, Permanent Secretary Minister of State for Development of Northern Kenya.

OK – so it’s not a great pic (poor old Colin seems positively elusive at the back) but it shows a merry band of people and for me is lovely reminder of an entertaining and engaging event.

The Permanent Secretary Ministry of State for Development of Northern Kenya and other Arid Lands: Ms Mary Ngari and members of the African Partnership Initiative, UWIC. (That's me fourth from the left!)


Ms Mary Ngari visited UWIC on the 9th and 10th June to discuss opportunities for collaboration between the university and partners in Africa and to tour the facilities at UWIC.

This event was arranged by the African Partnership Initiative (API) and included presentations by API steering group members, highlighting areas of UWIC research and commercial practice that were relevant to the development aims of Kenya.  Here are the titles, followed by my own summary based on what I gleaned from it:

  • Health Environment and Lifestyle;  Harnessing and documenting indigenous knowledge of developing communities to provide appropriate solutions.
  • Food Security and preservation; Utilising simple bio-technology to greatly prolong the life of perishable foods in Iran.
  • The benefits of design to the business community; An engaging showcase of Design Wales’ work with SMEs and the transformative power of design to otherwise ailing businesses.
  • Community engagement in the promotion of health and well-being;  Highlighting the importance of community engagement to ensure that any intervention is the ‘right fit’.

Following the talks, I was able to chat briefly with Mary and her embassy colleague about the DIY Kenya project.  They were both very interested in the project and asked to be kept informed on how it develops.  We all agreed that there are a wealth of opportunities for creating positive impact in Africa through collaboration and the application of appropriate, innovative, low-tech and sustainable technology.

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2 Responses to Embassy visit

  1. Keireine says:

    Pete, Wonderful news and can’t wait to hear more …… but who is looking after the chickens! Best of luck. Keireine

  2. Spike Dennis says:

    Good luck Prince Pedro! ;] I’ll be keeping tabs on the blog while you’re out there! Looking forward to hearing about all the developments!

    Captain Sp:ke

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